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OrderYOYO expands their business with Cloud infrastructure





OrderYOYO provides a full SaaS ecosystem for local takeaway restaurants. With the orderYOYO products, restaurants can handle everything from online ordering and cloud Point-Of-Sales, to a marketing platform that helps them grow their online business.

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The situation

Back in 2018, OrderYOYO realized that their existing cloud infrastructure was not suitable for scaling up their business. They asked us to help them create a comprehensive cloud infrastructure that would enable them to expand their business. The main goals that the solution had to meet were:

  • Improved resiliency and availability
  • Governance and security foundation
  • Establish a scalable platform for growth
  • Improved developer experience for faster, standardized development.
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Expected growth needs to be supported

Some of the key outcomes that helped achieve the goals were Azure Front door for web-security, accessible API Management, an Internal developer platform with Azure devops building blocks for workflows and Bicep registry for simple resource deployment. These are only a few parts of the solution.

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