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Adoption is about people, not technology

Technology adoption is not about technology. It is about people: People as individuals, and people as part of a culture, or in fact: many cultures.

The people you want to see enthusiastically embrace the lovely new tools you invested in, are influenced by a lot of interconnecting and interchangeable cultures: Their personal background; the culture of the company, and of their specific department; and how they connect with the person they sit next to at lunch every day. Their auto-response to new ideas might be “Yes, please”. But it could just as easily be “Oh no, not again”.

The bottom line is: If you want your users to love the new tools and use them properly, so you get the full return on your investment, and a workforce who reaches their full potential, you have to meet them where they are, talk to them in a language they speak, and lead them forward by example. 

You benefit from taking adoption seriously

We are a small outfit. Our people understand IT. We are grown-ups. We introduce new technology all the time. 
These are the usual reasons why businesses do not take the time to train their users in how to make full use of new technology. And this approach is the reason so many resources and capabilities are not utilized.

If you do not lead your users to use their tools right, they will find their own (more or less) rational way to use it or to work around it. 

Our experience is, that without a good adoption strategy, your organization will only benefit from 20% of the true potential of new technology and systems. On the other hand, a good adoption strategy will get you to 80%. 

And yes, adoption is for every type and size of organization. 


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