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Azure Stack HCI: what is it?

  • Azure Stack HCI is a hybrid cloud solution that combines the best of Azure cloud services and on-premises hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI).

  • Azure Stack HCI enables you to run virtualized workloads on-premises with high performance, reliability, and security, while also connecting to Azure for cloud-based backup, disaster recovery, monitoring, and management.

  • Azure Stack HCI is a flexible and cost-effective solution that can scale from small deployments to large data centers. 

How should you store?

Deciding that a hybrid data center is the right solution for your business is the easy part – unless your organization is different to most, it will be the best choice. 

Once you’ve made the decision to go hybrid, the real fun begins: Choosing the right mix of cloud and physical storage, and the right mix of products and vendors.

To make the right choices, you will need to assess and analyze your organizations storage needs – today, and in the future. What are the scenarios and risks you need to predict. 

The assessment phase is critical, because it is the foundation for the choices you make, when you plan your storage solution. 


Some of the companies, we create value for


Balance cost, risk and effect

With your assessment and your exploration done, and your options mapped, it’s time to make decisions. As with all other business decisions, the right choice balances cost, risk and effect. 

At twoday, we have extensive experience in helping to define requirements and developing migration plans with organizations across industries, of different shapes and sizes, and with each their own in-house IT set-up. 

Some of our customers are huge organizations with large IT departments full of specialists in all the disciplines relevant to the business; others are smaller companies with small, generalist IT teams who rely on external experts for specialized tasks. 

Modern Management also allows you to apply flexible security settings and policies based on device identity, context, and risk level.

Modern Management enhances security and resilience, while enabling users to work from anywhere and any device.


Best practice all the way

The hybrid data center has all the advantages: The flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency of cloud, combined with the security and control of on-prem storage space. But, as with any other solution, the hybrid data center is only as good as the foundation it is built on. 

The collective expertise and experience of the twoday team with setting up data centers in all kinds of organizations, makes up a set of best practice guidelines that can help you along the way: From assessing your options to making your choices, and of course doing the actual implementation. 

An Azure Stack HCI project from twoday typically includes design, deployment, implementation, validation, optimization and maintenance.

Azure Arc and Hyper Converged Infrastructure

If you have an existing Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) Azure Arc can offer several benefits to the environment.

  • Single Control Panel: Azure Arc provides a single control panel to oversee both current and future infrastructures and applications, reducing complexity and the need for multiple tools. This makes it easier to comply with compliance and security requirements without additional overhead.
  • Enhanced Security: By extending Microsoft Defender for Cloud services to on-premises workloads and infrastructure, Azure Arc can help improve security and threat vulnerability.
  • Simplified Management and Operations: Using cloud-native tools and methods everywhere allows for simplified management and operations. This includes automation, update management, and inventory/change tracking.
  • Hybrid Design: Azure Arc is designed to be hybrid from the start, giving businesses the flexibility to run both virtual machines and cloud-native applications with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) on their HCI solutions.
  • Flexible Hardware Options: Azure Stack HCI solutions offer a range of hardware configurations that can scale from small deployments to large data centers, giving businesses the option to choose the best solution that fits their needs.

These benefits can help optimize your HCI environment by leveraging Azure services for better management, security, and scalability.


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