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Shaping your journey

The main obstacles to a successful cloud migration are not technical, but rather related to business goals and expectations, and business needs and processes:

  • What are the main reasons for the migration from a business perspective?
  • How many and how complex are the workloads that need to be migrated?
  • Do you have well-defined roles, responsibilities and access requirements?
  • Do you understand the change management requirements – the frequency, processes and documentation needed to review and approve changes?

These questions help you plan your journey – create a migration backlog – and help you decide what to migrate first.

twoday Cloud Migration journey

First step - a strategic workshop

A strategic workshop to start cloud migration is a critical step in ensuring a successful transition to the cloud. Here’s a high-level description of what such a workshop might involve:

  1. Goals and Vision Workshop: This initial session focuses on understanding the business motivations, desired outcomes, and justifications for migrating to the cloud.
  2. Cloud Adoption Plan Workshop: In this workshop, participants will develop a cloud adoption plan, a skills readiness plan, and identify persona requirements.
  3. Governance and Compliance: Establishing a governance model is essential from the start of the cloud journey.
  4. Technical Assessment and Readiness: Assessing the current IT environment, workloads, and applications to determine what can be moved to the cloud and how.
  5. Security and Identity Management

This workshop would involve key stakeholders from your organization, including IT professionals, business decision-makers, and possibly external consultants. The goal is to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the migration is aligned with the organization’s strategic objectives.

Would you like to delve into any specific area of the cloud migration process?


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