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What is Cloud Security?

Cloud is amazing - everyone can access everything and work effectively, anytime.

Cloud is also a problem for security - for the same reasons: The modern workforce wants to use everything with different devices and platforms.

This means that security teams must stay vigilant to protect the systems, without affecting performance. And that's not easy. Don't compromise security when you move to the cloud.

At a time when many organizations are shifting fully or partially to the cloud, security is a concern - integrating new technologies with old ones, and learning new user behavior patterns is a big challenge for security teams.

We know that most organizations face a lot of security issues when moving to the cloud - and we see that organizations, who do not plan their journey well, lose control of their security. Completely.

Here is an insight into the six ways cloud migration costs go off the rails.


Plan for Secure Cloud Migration

So: Preparing yourself with best practices, good governance principles and a plan is crucial, if you do not want your journey to the cloud to result in your security dropping to the ground and your cloud costs going through the roof.

No, you probably can't do it yourself. Putting a business platform in the cloud creates new paradigms for the technologies that support that business. These new paradigms change how technologies are adopted, managed, and governed.

When you can delete and rebuild an entire virtual datacenter with a code line that is run by an automated process, it’s time to rethink traditional approaches. This reasoning is especially true for governance.

Streamlined Cloud Security implementation

By joining us for a cloud security project, you will get a complete project that includes workshops, design, implementation and testing, to help you begin well, and to make sure your migration is secure, efficient and affordable.

We assist you in setting, evaluating and recording your journey and provide a quick and flexible platform, based on your specific infrastructure, and our best practices and automated processes.

The 5 cloud governance disciplines:

  • Cost Management
  • Security Baseline
  • Resource Consistency
  • Identity Baseline
  • Deployment Acceleration

Streamlined Cloud Security implementation

Defender for Cloud and Microsoft Sentinel are smart technologies because they provide advanced, cloud-native security for your workloads and enterprise.

  • Defender for Cloud helps protect against threats, secure your network, and improve your security posture.

  • Sentinel uses built-in AI to analyze large volumes of data, providing intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence.

Together, these solutions help reduce the burden of traditional security measures, minimize false positives, and accelerate threat response times, making it easier for security teams to stay vigilant and protect their systems without affecting performance.

Our experts run cloud projects in all industries for organizations in all shapes and sizes – from retail and manufacturing, to Government and IT.

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